'a mud revolution and chair consciousness' is the title of a text, as well as the title of the audio-work based on this text. The work exists in different forms: written on paper, published as scan, read out loud, listened to on speakers, shared on mushroom radio. More forms will follow.

click here to listen to the audio-work
with the voices of Flora van Dullemen, Jakob Hartmann, Ayla Aron, Ryan Lim, Nara Winston and Thy Truong

on the second picture you see my first attempt on making an AM radio receiver and transmitter after a two day workshop with Peter Flemming. One evening I heard woman softly speak in a language I am not familiar with. It made me feel very connected to the world (sounds very dramatic, it might be very dramatic, I am happy to be dramatic), some copper wire twisted around a toilet roll can evoke a lot.