Tours is a project that exists of 4 different routes through the neighbourhood of Trixie (the exhibition space) and the city The Hague. The tours were presented in the form of flyers, which were free to take during the exhibition.

The Albert Heijn tour: A 45 km long route past the 31 amazing Alberth Heijn’s in The Hague. Including a map and travel tips.

The text tour: A tour past 9 handwritten messages found on the walls of the city, located in the neighborhood around the Electricity Factory.

The poster pasting tour: A route past four drawings in the neighbourhood of the exhibition space. The drawings were taped on objects found in the streets, like a lamppost, bin, parking machine and trash.

The traffic cone tour: Four ceramic traffic cones were placed outside of the exhibition space. They were used as real traffic cones in order to guide the visitors with were to place their bikes and were to leave space for pedestrians.