Mushroom Pie was a one day radio show by Mushroom Radio and the exhibition A Finger in Every Pie. The radio show was hosted by Ryan Lim and Bo Wielders. We wanted to take the listeners on a tasty and tactile tour for the ears and turn the physical exhibition into one that fits the air. There were readings, interviews, chats, whispers and sounds from the participating artists of the exhibition.

Working on the radio was for me a beautiful way to get closer to the works and artist of the exhibition. Radio as medium is a new form of communicating with an audience for me. During Mushroom Pie there was a lot of emphasis on creating a safe and comfortable place for people to share their stories. This created a very intimate and inwards show. For future radio activities I would like to focus more on the relation with the audience.

listen back on mixcloud: recordings
or go to mushroom radio: live