While reading I collect words, it reminds me of shopping sometime. Shopping for words. I write them down on tiny papers and hang them on walls or stuff them in wallets.

Virginia Woolf, Orlando
gloss over, duty, to plod, indelible footprints, we fall plump, disastrous, frost flood, solitude, awakened, to bark, swirling waters, tossed, void, cavity, lacking, shatters, levels the built world, condemning, abolished repercussion, futilely, plangent, denunciation, presumptive abounded,  envelop, indoor, plates, dishes, other movables, gained rapidly, he passed through the gates of, neatly written, hesitating, considerable size, dare, unwiedly length, plunged, outstare, musty smell, scraping of chairs, stifling hot, crammed, confined space, summer is the slow season for newspapers, rustling of paper, untangle

Patti Smith, Just Kids  
ascended the stairs, descended the stairs, draping my chair, plumage, pattered the bright water, a twinge, imperceptible to passersby, brassy women, lightly jostled, precursors, nimble fingers, beckoned me, an immaculately starched waitress uniform, gnawed, manning the poetry section, enameled, rummaged, the pivotal moment, quizzically, bemused expression, discerning, fortified, heaped, scavenged, possessing the sheen of years of water, fluttere, vigilant, faltered, clerestory windows, whimsical, devoured

Italo Calvino, The Complete Cosmicomics
the moon sprouted up like a mushroom, hoisted in the air on top of a white lump,
fishing for sole I engrossed in patience, not a wave of water but a hard wave of granite,
allocated, new hordes of pursuers, repulsed her to store up her resentment (wrok)
slithered down the stalk, bathed by the primordial wave, endowed, ramification, promptly, crammed, the same torrid, blazing ocean, downright impalpable, luminous vault, nourshing, torpid thickness, opaque, unlavable, wallowed, gowns, effrontery, hilt, howl, hideous, buggered, groaning, lone juggernaut, the string of the barely slackened bow bend in the direction opposite to the one where it was previously tautened,
the bloody ephemeral victory, fling himself upon me, disembowelled, anguish, the same hiss, is there any sense in speaking of repetition in a single series of points, prowling or rather ridiculing, quickest possible dash, slackened, suspended, leaping upon me, to deduce our movement from norms and premises, tawny skin, ploughs into the ground, crowing around, illegibility, mince words

Ocean Vuong, On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous
grotesque mounting of a decapitated animal, the just hung weight of clothes, sobs, clutched, gasping, unmoored, tenuous, tethered, a gallon of milk, pinched, jug, silent propulsion, pruning a basket of green beans over the sink, thunked in the steel sink, squandered, skirmish, her voice stammered, sinister sunset, mulling, your tongue outed you, lustered, whirring sounds, gritting her teeth, whoosing, unbuckle, lanky man, sutured, the throb, a thudded, beating oddly, detergent wafting up