As Real As You Want (click to open)

With the participants of the Exhibition Research Lab we met every Wednesday in Teams and worked on a group exhibition. I chose to be part of this project to research why the format of an exhibition often leaves me lost, confused and unsatisfied.

The interaction and exchanges with the other participants was an important focus from the start for me, especially because of the physical distance i wanted to search for social connectivity. I initiated 'conversations pages', on these pages Ryan Lim, Yannis Androulakis and I started dialogs. Our works can be seen and read on the website.

During the ‘built up’ I recognized a recurring feeling of losing the need to share the exhibition and my work. Not because I do not stand behind it or am insecure about the result, but because the reason for it to exist and the content we share are living two separate lives. For me a connectivity between those two is very important if I am part of an exhibition.

We will be having a conversation (that will be shared online) about the exhibition on the 3th of June. I am excited to see if we can bring this educational starting point of the exhibition into the conversation.

On the image you see a part of the e-mail conversation about the work of Ryan and me, for which the whole dialog around the work became part of the work.