a garlic gathering

the amount of garlic in this quichy pie will scare you
it will make you not want it
but i know you want it

(4 heads)

cook the peeled cloves for a few minutes till slightly soft
drain and put in the pan again
fry them on high heat in oil for a few minutes
add balsamico vinegar and some water so they can simmer in liquids
add honey or an other sugary substance, chopped rosemary, thyme and salt
cook till covered in darkish syrup

mix flour, butter, bit of yeast and salt till a doughy ball
stick it to the walls of a baking form or some sort of container that is oven proof
bake a few minutes without filling

stuff it with pieces of goat cheese and all the garlic
pour an egg and yogurt mixture over it

peper, don’t forget to put some peper in the dish
on top of the garlic or between the yogurt
put it in the oven till slightly brown